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Please read the following information before submitting the "Contact Us" form.  The form follows below.  This form is for any and all questions or inquiries related to Lowcountry Lab Rescue.

LOWCOUNTRY LAB RESCUE DOES NOT TAKE IN OWNER Cowboy SnapshotSURRENDERED DOGS.  We are terribly sorry that your child/spouse is allergic, or your house is too small, or you have to move, or you started a new job, or you don't have enough time for your dog, or your new girl/boy friend does not like your dog, or you cannot afford to feed it or whatever reason you think you cannot keep the pet that you made a committment to when you bought or adopted it.  If you are in the armed forces and have a legitimate reason such as being deployed and have no other option, we will talk to you about surrendering your dog.

WE ARE NOT AN OPEN INTAKE SHELTER!  We do not have a shelter at all.  Lowcountry Lab Rescue exists to save Labradors in shelters from being put to sleep...dogs in life threatening situations!  Hard to believe but many wonderful Labradors get put to sleep every day in shelters for lack of foster care and rescue assistance.  LLR has a limited number of foster homes and they are all full all the time.

Oscar SnapshotIF YOU HAVE FOUND A DOG THAT YOU THINK TO BE A LABRADOR, please contact your local animal control or law enforcement office.  LLR cannot take in strays due to legal and health reasons.

CHECK OUT OUR SITE FIRST:  The answer to your question might be on our site already.  Take a look around first, paying special attention to the Adopt, Learn More, and Foster pages.

That said....if you have a comment or questions that does not involve trying to surrender your dog to LLR, we would love to hear from you!  Please remember we are all-volunteer so it may take us a day or two to get back to you.  Thanks!

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