What We Do....
Finnie ShapshotLowcountry Lab Rescue (LLR) is a 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization that rescues and rehomes stray and unwanted Labrador Retrievers from life-threatening situations. LLR promotes responsible Labrador ownership through breed education and spay and neuter advocacy to prevent abandonment and homelessness of Labrador Retrievers.

Who We Are...
All volunteers....Lowcountry Lab Rescue is run completely by volunteers with full-time jobs doing something else, such as teacher, lawyer, "mom", sales rep, system engineer, nurse or business owner.

Dogs We Take...
Zera SnapshotLowcountry Lab Rescue rescues Labrador Retrievers from shelters throughout South Carolina that are in danger of being put to sleep for various reasons including something as simple as the dog is black in color.  This includes everything from  requiring medical care needed that is greater than a shelter can offer to just a lack of space at a  shelter.  We are the only Labrador breed specific rescue group in the entire state.  

Most of the dogs that we get into our care just need a little TLC, a little medical care and LOTS of love.  They are wonderful pets with the right family.  If you have a Labrador in your life or have ever had one, then you know what wonderful pets they are with love, attention and patience.

What We Don't Do...Winston Snapshot
  Due to the tremendous number of requests that we receive about Labs in shelters that are going to be put to sleep if we do not take them, we do not take in Labs directly from owners. 

If you end up taking your Lab to a shelter for whatever reason, you can contact us beforehand to let us know.  We have excellent relationships with most shelters in SC and may be able to pull your dog from the shelter. We need at least 2 weeks notice for such a request and foster space is limited.

WE DO NOT TAKE IN AGGRESSIVE LABS.  Labs should not be ag
gressive for any reason EVER.  Labs are not guard dogs, should not act "protective", should not guard their food bowls or toys, should not guard their bed or your bed and should not charge other pets or people.   They should not growl at children or adults EVER

Brinkley SnapshotIf your dog is acting in such a manner, please contact an experienced obedience trainer IMMEDIATELY.  Do not wait until your dog bites someone or another pet and your local law enforcement agency or animal control gets involved. We can recommend obedience trainers in the Charleston, Columbia and Greenville, South Carolina areas.

All of the Labs that we consider rescuing from an animal shelter are temperament tested for aggression and guarding behavior.  Dogs with known aggression issues are not accepted from shelters into foster care.
Mason Snapshot
WE DO NOT PROVIDE LONG TERM FOSTER CARE.  Again, due to the high volume of requests we receive for dogs in danger of euthanasia in shelters, we do not provide long term foster care for owners' illnesses or military deployment.  If you or a family member is deployed for military service, there are agencies designed to assist with pet care.  Contact us and we can put you in touch with them.